Перевод песни Seal – Dreaming In Metaphors

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Love serenade
Soothe me with the morning sun
Help me find someone
Peaceful and non-judgmental
Holding me back
And make me feel whole with life
And stay the same
Without the pain
Why must we dream in metaphors?
Try to hold on to something we couldn't understand
Couldn't understand
And why must we argue loudly?
When peace is our one salvation I couldn't understand
Couldn't understand
Someone lost their faith in
Seeking God so they
Turn to the needle
Back to the cradle, they were
Rocking it all too long
Tell me what's going on with your
Has it stayed the same?
Life stay the same (Life will always stay the same)
Life will ease your pain (Life without no pain or shame)
Now why must we dream in metaphors
Something gets lost
Couldn't understand stand stand, I couldn't understand
And you know I know I couldn't understand I just couldn't understand