Перевод песни Keith Washington – No One

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if there was a way to start all over
i would not hesitate not a moment
you know my life would not be the same
like a fool i let you slip away
but dont let my mistake come between us so dont let go i need a chance
to prove myself and start again
my heart says my mind knows 6
you're the one for me baby
no one knows me baby
not like you do you're the only one
no one loves me baby
not like you do we were meant to be together
yes i do admit
it should never come to this
but i never knew how much
i miss your love
girl no matter where i go my mind keeps coming back to you
if i made you cry
try to realise
i need you now i know for sure
cause no one has loved me more
this time is the right time
and im never letting you go All im asking for
is a chance to prove that i love you
and ill give my world and all own
everything i have
you all that matters
thats the reason why
why i got to have you
ill give my life
no one knows me baby
not like you do
(not like you do sugar)
you're the only one
(you're the only one and i mean it)
(yes i need you in my life) no one loves me baby
not like you do...