Перевод песни Rihanna – Music Of The Sun

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Listen, closely,
hear the music playin
let it take you to places far away and
relax your senses just do what you wanna do no need for questions
its all there for you
And its so amazin
how you can’t escape it the moment takes you and never lets you go Can’t you feel the music in the air?
Close your eyes let the rythym take you there.
Doesn’t matter who you are or where your from
come and dance to the music of the sun
forget about your troubles its alrite
let them go 'till we see the mornin light
feel the beat as the bodies move as one
come and dance to the music of the sun…(the sun, come and dance to the music
of the sun, the sun)
So real, so right
Can’t explain the feelin
like the sunlight brings to life new meaning
no need for stressin'
save that for another day
no second guessin'
just trust your innersay
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