Перевод песни Mastodon – Siberian Divide

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Ice god shakes the earth
Destruction of the path
Sinking deeper in the snow
Eating bark with blackened hands
Swollen fingers, frozen jaw
Warm teeth wrapped around my wrist
Frostbite eating away at limbs
Slit the belly Brontotherium
Climb toward vermilion snowbank fall
Station of the crosses, prayer save all
Chewing bone
Land and sky
Shining skull
Ice field blanket land
Hunted beyond the fray
No direction known
Running with the band
Provisions wearing thin
Avalanche sweeps the land
Starvation setting in Spilling all that's left
Should've kept the fruits from virgin's vine
Three-horned face
Pillar of red
Evil lives atop my crooked spine
Rosebush current flow
Carmine river go Solar storms erupt on the sun
Ice fields blanket land
Snow queen
Ice lips
Landscape ebb and flow
Think I felt the end of time
Skulls aglow as crystal shines
Starts to warm the empty climb