Перевод песни Federation – 18 Dummy

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Yeah, okay, okay, Doon Coon, Fair gang, Goldie Gold, Stressmatic
All day nigga
El Nino, Brookeville, R-I-P for Fairfield (Berine Mac!)
Stunner van, with the curtains
Bay water be a lot of serpents
But we outta, no baby powder
Same color, Red Lobster, clam chowder
Ghost ride it, three times high and
Federation, remember the Titans
Through the purp smoke beautiful science
I'm outta here like kites with lightning
It's a rap with Rick on the ???
We go dumb, so beast like bison
If you sleazy all you beezies say «we love you Coon»
You want to turf and you got work then we feel you Coon
We go 18 dummy, we go 18 dummy (x5)
F-E-D. stay going hard
18 dummy on your boulevard
18 dummys that'll pull your card
Go dumb like ??? push online dot com
Your baby Mom got throat that's long
I'm on, haters can't stop me now
Can't get skanks off top of me now
Purp by the pound, scrapers got miles
Hyphy pimped that's Rick Rock's style
Can't leave the game alone, Bay need us now
Punk rocks and the homies get wild
Coon Daddy, I'm G. Diddy, hands on kitty
Yeah muh it's pretty, give me a sign
Tell me when to go, put it in the air
Don't tell me no, no, no, no...
Still hyphy acting the ape
18 dummy, whipping the scrape
Got grapes in the bag, go and get it Had a car looking like Bigfoot hit it Swing to the left, all in the block
Niggas all in the curb like «It ain't hot»
Sideshow, police try to ban shit
Niggas going stupid in the AC Transit
Mr. Mattic, you heard me?
I'm a hood star like Earl and B Off the field, close to buzzin'
In the stunner van with Gino's little cousin
I'm from Fairfield, that's what my mom stays
Strap's in my back pack, nothing like Kanye
Intersection, handle bars, my scraper runs just like Magnum's car
Oh, it's gonna go (x8)
Yeah, the bitch fucked me, the whole crew too, she's (18 Dummy)
On top of the whip, stomp that shit we (18 Dummy)
Now, now open your doors, let it coast we (18 Dummy)
The ho don't choose, the ho gonna lose