Перевод песни John Frusciante – The Afterglow

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Death before life
You're in my place again
Echoes deprive us enough
You're in my wailing
Decide what it means to work in fire
Decide what it means to work in fire
Shadows casting bodies
Who knows which way things will go?
All shifting images
Upside down to be upright
Upside down, you'll make them cry
Death before life
Another place again
You and my loneliness speak now
I realize
I don't have much further to go
The afterglow
Life running backwards, nailed up and freezing
Put the past before you
Down is my placement
No place out there I have to be
Lost is where I am
And I've no reason to be found
To resound
From no sound to resound