Перевод песни Jerome McComb – One More For The Road

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I look back on the good times we had out on the road.
We traveled a million miles
and done a thousand shows.
And the nights we had together,
just kind of burned in to my mind.
It reminds me of good times.
Like the night in Colorado when the bus broke down.
Bill and Jeff had to walk three miles to some old town.
Grab a ride and make a phonecall,
man we barrely made the show.
It's just one more for the road.
Thank you for the memories,
I wouldn't change a thing.
But I wish I had a dollar,
for every time that my phone rang.
At four-thirty in the morning,
and it's Ron stuck at the bar.
Wondering if I knew where he might have parked his car.
Or that night when Larrys spit-cup
got put into the fridge.
Bill took a big-ol' drink he thought that coke was his.
And he spent the next three hours like he drank the water of Mexico.
It's just one more for the road!
Twenty years worth of stories, rolling thru these towns.
Shuttin' every «Honky-tonk» and «Cracker-Barrel» down.
Now it's us four on a barstool swapping jokes and telling lies.
It's time to go, «Let's Get'R Done» do this one last time.
Cause I need one more for the road,
before we have to go.
Cause I don't know the next time we'll be comin' back.
To all our fans from town to town,
we thank you for comin' down,
Having one more for the road.
All good things come to an end
so before we have to leave my friend.
Let's have one more for the road,
Just want one more for.
The road!
One More For The Road!
(One More For The Road)