Перевод песни Jaheim – I Ain't Never

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Mmmm get thorough it hmmmhmmmmm
I don’sit out on the block 12 Oclock still bitchin',
I don’coked up bricks
Wit baken soda in the kitchen
I don’lose my religon
And spend nights wishin'
I could fill up the holes in my sole Theres something missin'
I don’sat back and laughed and let The beef unfold done scolls on Triggers rob niggers an stole em'
5 years paraol kid I been locked up I don lost so much my heart is boxed up I thought I’d never see a blue sky, never seen the birds fly (ohhhh until
I metcha’Sunshine)
Neva new the otha side I Never new what love was like (what love was like)
Neva seen a pot a gold (seen a pot of gold),
Baby ur the rainbow (baby your the rainbow
Take me to where I neva been (ohhhh Iiiii)
I thought the day would neva end
But now, now that
I found my girl
I aint Nva eva eva gon’a let her go Noooo
And now, now shes inside of My world I ain’t neva eva eva gon let her goo nooo
Ide don’drown my sorows Ina’bottle of gin
I don’poored out
Liqua’for my very best friend
I’ve Been hitched fell off and got through again,
Then left out in the cold so I coud neva’win
I don’promiesd to my lady I’ve been tryna’change
Meta’chick went back an did the same damn thing
I don’t trip to blame and blame people for things snatchin’chains on trains
I’ve done some
crazzzzee things.
I thought I neva seen a blue sky (seen a blue sky),
Neva seen the birds fly
ohhh until I metcha’sunshine
Neva knew the other side,
Neva knew what love was like- (what love whas like)
Neva seen a pot of gold
But baby your the rainbow,
Take me were I’ve neva been ohhh IIIIiiii. (I thought this day would neva end)
But now, now that I found my girl (I've got too)
I aint neva eva eva gon let her goo0o0o
And now, now shes inside of my world
I aint neva eva eva gon let her goooo nooooo
Every day seemed great
Until you came and brought the sun my way
(to heaven I waste sendin my way I’m home for the day sombody will say
I love you baby)
And if it wern’t for you there be no person I be trustin’and you got my word
Oh for beter or worse missed you so much you just my girl for ever
Now now that I found my girl I ain’t neva eva eva gon’let her go nooooo
And now, now shes inside of my world I aint neva eva eva gon let her go
(I will neva let youuu goo)