Перевод песни Allan Sherman – In Which I Finally Admit That I Won World War II Single-Handed

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I was in World War II
I don't know what
Thank you very much
I was not gonna take credit
For the entire victory, folks
But certainly now that you've recognized
The part that I played
I can hardly lie about it I was in Camp Walters, Texas for the entire period
Only five miles from a town called Mineral Wells
Which I wish not to describe at this
Wait a minute, yeah, for mineral wells, yeah
Are you from Mineral Wells, sir?
Okay, anyway, I was readin' about these kids
That didn't wanna get drafted
And I thought it would be a good idea
If somebody wrote a song for them to listen to And I wrote the following song, which goes like this
Advice to teenage boys who are about to get drafted