Перевод песни Tony Joe White – Voodoo Village

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They say your village lies
In the western part of town
And that evil spirits are lurking all around
But I’m not scared of you
For evil can be found
Looking almost anywhere not just in voodoo town
Voodoo village don’t put no spell on me
Voodoo village your chumps I have to see
If I could be like others who fear reality
If I could be like others your chumps I wouldn’t see
But voodoo village you seem a lot like me
Voodoo village your chumps I need to see
I know to when gates unknown could bring fear and pain
But what good is life anyway if you don’t play the game
So voodoo village would you will your gift for me
Voodoo village show your chumps to me
Voodoo village
Voodoo village
Uh yeah