Перевод песни Sam & Dave – Blame Me (Don't Blame My Heart)

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Don’t get tired, I hope I’m not buggin' you
It’s just my worsened ways of trying to keep loving you
And if I seem like I’m falling apart
Blame me and don’t blame my heart
If someone tells you that you look good now
And offered to take you out to all the places I wished I could now
I might get a little jealous, baby and make life seem a little hard
Come on and take it out on me, baby, please, please don’t break my heart
I know on the outside it seems I don’t love you
I thought you were different by the way I kiss and hug you
Baby, wipe away the tears now, oh, just before they start
Blame me, oh darlin' and don’t blame my heart
Oh baby, blame me and don’t blame my heart