Перевод песни Mason Proffit – Lilly

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lilly was the girl who lived in my world like a sweetheart dream
she was the child drivin me wild since we were both sixteen
lillys worth a forture sittin on her poarch and just lookin good
so she said good bye gonna give it all a try out in hollywood
so she left me behind went drivin of to find california
she left me flat never came back i let her get away
so i'm sittin here fishin watchin television and i can't believe
see liily puttin on the glitz kissin brad pitt on reality tv
bieli la la la lay hey lilly come out west ooo
tie yi yippie ye hey i'msuch fool
now the years have passed i'm getting older fast and i've healed my heart
i play guitar i'm a shooting star my songs are burnin up the charts
and just when i've learned to get over her what do i see
in the middle of a show sittin on the front row lilly smilin up at me
bieli lalala lay hey lilly come out west amen
tie yi yippie ye hey she's back again
brother, life's a ride so hang on tight cause it goes by fast /
it may be tough but don't give up heavan saves the best for last
bieli lalala lay hey lilly come out west all right
tie yi yippie ye hey we're doin fine