Перевод песни Emmylou Harris with Fayssoux Starling – Green Rolling Hills

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The green rolling hills of West Virginia
Are the nearest thing to heaven that I know
Though the times are sad and dear and I cannot linger here
They'll keep me and never let me go My daddy said don't ever be a miner
For a miners grave is all you'll ever own
Cause the hard times everywhere I can't find a dime to spare
These are the worst times I've ever known
So Ill move away into some crowded city
In some northern factory town you'll find me here
Though Ill leave the past behind, Ill never change my mind
These trouble times are more than I can bear
But someday Ill go back to West Virginia
To the green rolling hills I love so well
Yes someday Ill go home and I know Ill right the wrong
These trouble times will follow me no more