Перевод песни Emmylou Harris with Willie Nelson – One Paper Kid

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Cowboys and Indians and trees he could climb
Tomorrow came too fast but he didn't mind
Ah, the distance was short, so light it again
It don't take no time to get where I am
But one paper kid wasn't really so mean
Just a little bit scared and a little bit green
And he'd heard of a place and it was legal to dream
So he sat with his coffee in a blue Texas wind
Wrote on a rock ''The one paper kid is rolling again''
Ah, the driver was drunk or he just didn't see
The future was there, it'll happen to me
And all the time that he'd wasted was his once again
Ah, it never takes to long to go where you've been
There's broken hearts scattered all over the past
And old bad memories trying to last
Whiskey and women and growing up fast
Fussing and loving and itching like grass
Hell that one paper kid wasn't really so mean
Just a little bit weird because the times were so lean
Now he's gone to a place where it's legal to dream
No camels, no coffee, no cold morning winds
And it's written on a rock
«The one paper kid, he's rolling again»
Ah, the one paper kid he's rolling again