Перевод песни John Sebastian – The Four Of Us

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Sitting round a fireplace
We drew a smile across the states
we packed our truck with all our stuff
and 4 of us
Two to drive and two to sleep
Wrapped up in a rainbow sheet
And in the front my love will keep me
on the road and laughing
On our way we met a man
with healer-boxer-sculptor's hands
We love hime cause he understands
the 4 of us
Time, time with him was time in school
Sitting in the backyard
Teaching from his box of rusty tools
And he could talk such magic at his clear-eyed 85
And just when you thought you got the picture
he'd show you the joke inside.
«Yeah», he said, «The joke'ss on you!»
«You don't even know where you're going to!»
Further south our truckstops ran
to see the singing dolphin man
and pancakes from a frying pan
for 4 of us
Somewhere there we got a brandnew scheme
Further south was islands
like the kind you see in dreams
So we left the truck and all or stuff
and skipped across the see
To emerald pools in paradise
for 4 of us