Перевод песни Isaac Hayes – Make A Little Love To Me

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My cup of desire is overrunning
Anytime you call me, girl, i'm coming
If you make a little love to me
I need a dose of your love aura
I can last another hour
You gonna make a little love to me
I'm a psycho for what you got to give
So don't play naive
Girl you know what it is
I've been feasting you every minute
for a sip of your love
Mama you can quench it
Make a little love to me
Standin givin' me your hard time
You could be havin' yourself a good time
If you make a little love to me
You want me all
And then you turned me on
You can stop now 'cause the need is much too strong
Soft lights and mellow music
Don't mean a thing
No it don't mean a thing if you're not there
Girl to share in all the joys that makin' love can bring