Перевод песни Jerry Jeff Walker – About Her Eyes

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About her eyes, now they’re misty shining
About her hair, it’s long and clean
About her face, now it’s soft and smiling
You can’t trace her thoughts 'cause they can’t be seen
When she flows by you so gently
She brings a breeze that just cleans the air
And when she speaks, why it’s barely a whisper
That tries to hide but you know it’s there
She smiles at you and it sends you sailin'
It sweeps you yonder all along in the night
You glide with ease and you can hardly feel it
But you can tell you’re driftin' in a moments flight
And when she leaves you become quite drowsy
So you recline in your easy chair
She’s left you there to think in silence
About her eyes, about her face, and her hair
About her eyes, about her face, and her hair