Перевод песни MC5 – Gotta Keep Movin'

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Teachers, parents and politicians
They ridicule my wild ambitions
They say, «settle down son, live decently
Or you'll rot in jail before your 23!»
They don't know their stuck in the past
Can't stop me now 'cause I'm movin' too fast
Presidents, priests and old ladies too
They'll swear on the Bible
What's best for you
Atom bombs, Vietnam, missiles on the moon
And they wonder why their kids are shootin'
Drugs so soon
Young men fightin' for democracy
And sacrificed for mediocrity
I can't stay in one place for too long a time
I get stone bored, I go outta my mind
I'm here and I'm there and doncha know I'm free
Gotta keep movin' baby, you and me People wakin' up, but they've just begun
To realize what needs to be done
But as for me I keep movin' on The future's now, yesterday is gone
I never let nobody tell me what to do And no matter what I'm gonna see things through