Перевод песни Jo Jo Gunne – Neon City

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Well she flew right over like a moth to a flame.
Made 20 questions like she'd made up the game yah.
The neon city while it's such a surprise
and all the lights were shining back in her eyes Whoa.
Uptown — downtown — all round — yes well
layed up — made up — played up — she's there
in you — for you — clear through — so fair —
cash out — flashed out — passed out — who cares.
She said she only watched the 5 am news
oh baby I truly love electrical tunes yah
She made her face look like a piece of the sky
the neon city shining up from her eyes
Layed up — played up — frayed up — yes well
in you — for you — clear through- she's there
Uptown — downtown — all round — so fair
cash out — flashed out- passed out — who cares.
Back down the road now can't remember the name
the party's over but our lists are the same
The neon city while its such a surprise
and I can see it shining up from her eyes.
Whoa. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh...