Перевод песни The Scarlet Pimpernel – I'll Forget You

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I’ll forget you
The more you stay inside of me
The weaker I grow
I’ll forget you
Tomorrow, I will turn and let you go
I’ll grow colder
I’ll lose myself in anything but you now
For there is nothing I can do now
But forget
I’ll forget you
I won’t remember arms that pulled me in
Soft and slow
I’ll forget you
There has to be a way to let you go
No more shadows
No dreams of leaning in the dark above you
I will forget how much I love you
Any day
But everytime I close my eyes
You come to me again
I swear I feel your touch upon my skin
You haunt me everywhere
'Til I reach into the air
Trembling to think of all the nights
That might have been
I’ll forget you
I hear you whisper to me in the dark
Still I know
I’ll forget you
God, help me find a way to let you go!
I do not want you!
But still you steal each breath I’m breathing
From me
With just a touch
You overcome me
And I let you
I will forget you
When I die.