Перевод песни Boyz N Da Hood – Block Boyz

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Where my pistol at, they cuttin' this shit wit ice and tall
On the block, nigga you can get that china doll (china doll)
All kinda diamonds got the finest of that what you call
This Boyz N Da Hood what you talkin' bout
Brand new cutta on the sink, come by and test it out
It's still Boyz N Da Hood hoe, realest in the south, (south)
Westside fuck with me, gorillas in ya house, (house)
Still on the corner clockin', wire a nigga mouth
We got rocket missiles, cockin' pistols, lay a nigga out, (blaow)
Jody's the truth hoe, (yeah) Zoe is the great nigga, (ha)
Gee is the Edge Hanger (yeah) and Block is the weight nigga
Can't forget Mr. Exit 65, (five) New Joc City, go get it, it's goin down
Alfamega blowin' up, got em goin' crazy, (crazy)
Like the J's did for the coke in the 80s, (80s)
True westside nigga, so you can't play me, (can't)
Me sign a standard record deal, nigga is you crazy
I rather hug the block wit bout two and a baby
Everything I got myself, ain't a nigga gave me The reason y'all ain't blowin' up, cause you too lazy, (get up bitch)
That's why I don't do niggas favors, fuck you pay me Now from Candler Road to Glenwood
Whole life been hood, we don't talk, we get to it Block a day we went through it Can't you tell with forty shells where I dwell
Eastside the ATL, the closest thing I been to hell
Home of the cutthroats, big dope and robbin' crews
This is Block Ent, we don't know how to lose
Bang it out, shoot it out, it don't matter, you can choose
Evil muthafuckas we gon take you back to school
My nigga welcome to my block, where the hustle don't stop now, (stop now)
This ones for my niggas dead and gone and on lockdown, (lockdown)
You push me nigga you will get shot down
Glock rounds, all over my city, College Park, A-Town
My nigga Big Block call me up, (call me up)
He said yung nigga what the fuck is up, (fuck is up)
I said I'm with it, if you with it, let's go, (let's go)
Hop in the chevy, hit the gas and get loaded
I done played every side, zone, hood and every slum, (slum)
I live by two rules, get money, bar none, (none)
See most these niggas flexin', lyin' bout where they from, (from)
Not respected in they hood, they sweet and soft like bubblegum
A lot of these niggas pussy, they ain't built like the don
Any type of confrontation, they run like Vince Young
And I'll bust a nigga gun when it come to my funds
Welcome to my block, drugs, money, sex and guns
I'm a hood nigga, the block is where I'm hangin' out (ha)
Started seein' quarter ounces, now I'm seeing birds fly
Yung dirty'll bust yo shit, just to let you know dawg (that's right)
Menace to Society, the real life O-Dog (haha)
Block Ent, ain't no fuck niggas harmin' this
Trappin' pushin' pills like a CVS pharmacist (haha)
We ain't hard to find, we on Memorial Drive
I'm the last nigga to sign, but the first who cock back with a eye
(Welcome to my block nigga, ride wit me nigga, the block boyz nigga,
Boyz N Da Hood gang, ya'll know who I mufuckin' be nigga (who you be nigga),
it's ya nigga Big Block homie, the eastside chevy rider nigga, the leader of the new south, (that's me) that's me nigga, I am the block nigga,
welcome to my block playboy)