Перевод песни T.I. – Act III: T.I. vs. T.I.P. The Confrontation

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Man Meet Me At The Mirror Man
Hurry Up
Come Holla At Me
I See What The Fuck Going On Man
Oh Bout Time
Ladies And Gentleman I Apologize For The Confusion
What The F... Fuck Them Man You Better Holla At Me
See If You Recall Back Trap Muzik We Had This Problem Once Before
Meet Me At The Mirror Man, Come To The Mirror Man
I Thought We Had This Shit Under Control Though You Know What I'm Saying?
Nah Home Boy Man I Told Ya'll I Was Going To Let You Do This Shit For A Minute
Nah Man Hold Up Man I'm Talking, You See?
Man You Can't Shut Me Up Man I Got It From Here On Out (Yeah)
Well It's Obvious That We Can...
We Doing This Shit My Way Now
Man This Dude Is Impossible Man
Man Why Can't You Just Talk About What The F**Ks Wrong With You?
Man Why Can't You Just Say What The Fuck's On Your Mind Man?
Quit All That Acting Out
Man Talking Don't Do Motha F**Kin Good Man
Man This Shit Got Way Out Of Hand Now
Man I Understand All That Bhuh Man But Look Though Man
All You Gotta Do Is Ride Out
Ride Out My Ass That What Got My Motha F**Kin Partna Killed Man
Man You Think I Meant For That Shit To Motha F**Kin Go Down?
Dog You Think It was suppose to be Like That?
It Don't Matter What The F**K You Meant To Happen Home Boy That What It Is
I Mean All In All Bra I Told You Do It My Way And That Wouldn't Had Happen
Man Doing It Your Way Is What Got Us Here Right Now
So What You Saying?
What The F**K, You Heard Me Say Nigga
Ya'll Out Here Man, All On T. V, Man Flossing With Your Hollywood
Motha F**Kin Outfits And Shit. Bra I Ain't With This Shit Home Boy
Well F**K It Then Since You Know Every Motha F**Kin Thing
Nah I Don't Know Everything But I Know Bullshit When I See It
Ya'll Be Trying To Put Me On Front Of Every Motha F**Kin
Camera Lights
The F**K You Mean Man? What You Talking Bout?
Ay Look You Need Me Partna Man
You Need Me
It Don't Want None Of That King Of The South Shit If It Wasn't For Tip
Man Tip Your Ass Get Locked Up Every Chance You Get If I Let You
If You Let Me? You See What The F**K I'm Saying Man?
How The F**K You Gonna Let Me Do Somthing?
Man, Why You Take It Like That?
Ay Look Man I'm Sick Of You And These Other Ho Ass Rappers Out Here
Ya'll Can Kiss My Ass. You Can Tell Em I Said That. Fake Ass Niggas
Man I'm Done Talking To You.(Glass Breaks) Man, Just Go To The Next Song
F**K It Man