Перевод песни Transplants – Gangsters and Thugs

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Gangsters and thugs
Criminals and hoods
Some of my friends sell records, some of my friends sell drugs
You stand by me
I stand by you
If there is a fight I'm the one to come to
Good and bad, times we've been through
You got my back and I got yours too
All of my life you are in my crew
I'd do anything for you
Beat someone black and blue
Black and blue I would do it for you
Try to tell'em leave us alone
Still riding with them fellas down that unknown road
There ain't no telling, I told'em before
Wouldn't listen
No more bitching
Leave 'em all on the floor
I know
This labels money
They take 'till it hurts
That's why I still got that nina, and I still got that work
Tomorrow ain't promised
I'll smoke it today
The zone will run you five
And I'll be on my way
It's official, I'm destined to fail
And I ain't trying to catch no case
I got no money for bail
I'm hurting, up in the E.R. before New Year's Eve
Said there's nothing we can do so we suggest that you leave
30G's, no insurance, they don't give a damn
Back to breaking out the scale, break it down into grams
They say you can't win for losing, I swear it's the truth
Same shit, different day, man I swear what's the use
It got us paid with good intentions
I got dirty in two processions
I make a living ain't got no pension
For transcriptions for my life on tension
The world is mine, no limit I can do it
Every drama in life I've been through it
Even if I had it good and I blew it
Regret nothing I move on and say fuck it