Перевод песни George Strait – Noel Leon

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Leon Dixon leaves his Christmas lights up all year 'round
It’s something different about our town
We’ve often wondered why he never takes them down
But Leon leaves his Christmas lights up all year 'round
There’s a big bright noel flashing off and on
In the yard where the children play the whole year long
We’ve all gotten used to it year by year
Now it’s kind of gotten to be a part of things 'round here
Peace on earth, Good will to men
Christmas time is here again
Can it be all that wrong
To feel like Christmas all year long
Leon got sick, it’s been back awhile
Short on luck and money, but he still wore that smile
And nobody could stand to see him do without
So we all drove over to see if we could help out
Yeah, the noel flashed on and the bills stayed paid
I felt so warm as we drove away
I had never seen Christmas spelled so clear
As when I saw «LEON» flashing in my rear view mirror
Noel Leon