Перевод песни Testament – Return to Serenity

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I’m gonna take you
To a place far from here
No one will see us Watch the pain as it disappears
No time for anger
No time for despair
Won’t you come with me There’s room for us there
This innocent beauty
My words can’t describe
This rebirth to purity
Brings a sullen tear right to your eyes
No time for anger
No time for despair
Please let me take you
'Cause I’m already there
I’m so alone
My head’s my home
I’ll return to serenity
Rhyme without reason
Is why children cry
They see through the system
That’s breeding them just so they die
So please let me take you
And I’ll show you the truth
Inside my reality
We shared in my youth
I’m so alone
My head’s my home
And I feel
So alone
You know
At last
I return to serenity
Now that I’ve taken you
To a place far from here
I really must go back
Close your eyes and we’ll disappear
Won’t you come with me Salvation we’ll share
Inside of my head now
There’s room for us there