Перевод песни Life Before This – Saratoga

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She was a friend of mine
That kind of friend that always left me dry
When I was thirsty for someone
And you would think that I'd move on by now
When everyday I go thirsty again, so
Please don't worry
Cause I'll be back sometime to let you know
Please don't worry
Because I'll leave you alone after I'm done
I think I'll dance to make it rain
Well I'm sure your waiting around
Just to see how far I'll go without you
Well I'm sure your waiting around
Because there's no one else left beside me
Whenever I start to get away somehow you pull me back in
She's like a hook attached to my spine
For as I move so far I feel it rip
A pain so sharp, like needles and razor blades
Confused and abused, which comes hard to explain
She's a friend of mine, what a good friend