Перевод песни Life Before This – The Belgian Minority

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Tonight is a wildcard
How close will we get to the edge?
This time with out forgetting
Just drop the well and
Cruise control, lose control
Take me far away from this place
Far away so that you won’t know
Lose control, cruise control
Just leave this behind
My body it wants more
Do you want more?
Yes I want more
And now I’m waiting for a way to end this
Without knowing if the time is right
It’s growing stronger and I’m falling under
I’m losing all control
Take time to find the way I brought upon this circumstance
Infected by my residence
And I’m falling under
It’s almost over
Ready or not, I’ve got a feeling that something’s about to
I need to get away from the constant voice in my head
Creating a lullaby, and invitation from the infected
This plague has made its way into the bloodstream of this small town heart
Infected by the answers to a question I don’t know