Перевод песни Life Before This – A Point At Which 3 Lies Cross

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What’s with the sex? Did you call?
Call his name. Scream his name
Did you know I’d find out anyway?
Liar, I let my guard down and now this is what we become
You traitor, when will I learn?
Did you think you fooled me your lies?
Knowing I’d find out anyway
And what’s with the sex? Did you call?
His name sounds as noisy as:
My ears will bleed
My heart will burn
You misguided the future I planned so carefully
And you tried to take it all away
Leaving me all alone
Enough with this Its all the same
This lie is your bond
You’re the one
No Contrition like my gun
Dressed in colorful flames you stand like a statue
And you’re pale as a ghost
Screaming my name, cursing my name
Casting your spells