Перевод песни April Sixth – Somewhere Waiting

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Yea, you may have your reasons, and you may have your lies
But one day you will start to see that living isn't just to die
Take a sip of what you're given, cause it might save your life
All the precious words were spoken out
For them to Save Me!
Save a friend, won't you come tonight
Don't say to yourself, «You're all that matters, now.»
He's the one who built His Kingdom
Not a soul was meant to die
But you will be the one to say, «You're waiting for His Son to rise.»
When the day arrives for righteous, He'll take away the filth
And you'll join then in the suffering, long tonight!
And I want to Live with Him
Be the one who will never die
And I say this that you'll, Save your soul
For the place I want to, go to when I die
Calls me ever closer, The gates are open