Перевод песни Tweet – Could It Be

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Started out a boy
That didn't know the game
So many years
I remained the same
Used to be a love maker
Major card player
Never thought
My heart would ever change
Since then
I've grown to know this much
What it really means to fall in love
But I don't know how I know
But I know that you're the one for me
Could it be (could it be)
That I'm falling in love with you
Tired of the same old thang (same old thang)
And playing all the same old games
(And if I could trade one thing
All in exchange for you
Boy, I'd give anything, yeah, anything)
As a little girl I was taught
I was trained
Never trust in a man
Cause they're all the same
But you came along
And you brought out a little woman in me And it's all in the things you do, yeah
Never thought I'd be here
With the thought of loving you
But I claim it And I name it Baby, you're the reason I want
A love brand new