Перевод песни Gerald Levert – Since You Ain't Around

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We were together just the other day
Take your life for granted passing time away
I was there for you and you were there for me We would be together for eternity
I never knew it was so rough
But I knew we'll be together tomorrow
Together forever we was so right
I can't believe that you're gone
Life goes on but it's not the same
Because I can't help sometimes callin out your name
But them I realized that you're gone
Oh What I wouldn't give to see you smile
Oh yes we had our ups and downs
Oh what I wouldn't give to have you cussing me out
I know it sounds funny but what can I say
My life hasn't been the same since you went away
And I'm so alone
I miss you
You never miss a good thing till it's gone
And I'm so alone