Перевод песни Natalie Merchant – Seven Years

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How did I love you?
There was no measuring
Far above this dirty world
Far above everything
In your tower over it
You were clean
So warm and insightful
Were you in my eyes
I was sure the rightful
Guardian of my life
Damn you betrayer
How you lied
But for seven years
You were loved
I laid golden orchid crowns
Around you feet
For seven years
I bowed down
To touch the ground
So wholly your devotee
You were
All that i could see
I've got my sight now
I see everything you hid
So don't you try to right now
All the wrong you did
I might forget you
But not forgive
For seven years
You were so revered
I made offerings of
Anything and everything i had
You were
All that i could see