Перевод песни Missy Elliott – Throw Up Your Hands (Interlude)

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Yo, this the Queen Bee,
and I came to say a little something
On my girl Missy shit!
Now see i got something to say.
That's right i got a problem.
I got a problem wit'all ya'll muthafuckers out there,
that got a problem wit'us callin'ourselves a bitch!
Yeah thats right i said it muthafucker, Bitch!
Ya see bitch is a strong word,
and only strong bitches can use that muthafuckin'terminology!
I mean if u cant wear the name,
then dont try to use it...
Throw ya hands up if you like to get high
Make a phat beat so we can party all night
If u got beef u gotta take it outside
Throw ur wrists up and lemme see ur ice shine