Перевод песни Gerald Levert – I Got Your Back

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You know sometimes we can seem to take things for granted
Especially the things that are there all the time
But sometimes you gotta sit back and realize that
Some people aren't so fortunate
You know they aren't so blessed to have someone they can talk to Somebody they can sit with and say
I'll always be there for you
I love you, I got your back
First Verse
(Gerald Singing)
I know you have those days when it seems like the whole worlds
Against you nobody's with you
You know the days when it seems like you woke up on the
Wrong side of the bed and you wish you were dead
But I'm the one to pick you up when you're down
Help you get your feet firmly on the ground
See I'm your friend when you're rich or poor
See you'll never be alone
I got your back
And I'll go to the war for you
I got your back
And I will take the fall for you
I got your back
I'll remember everything you do You got it like that (like that)
Like that (like that)
You know it's true I'm here for you
(Father Singing)
I'm the one you can call when you're in pain
Or when you're hurting
I'll never be a burden
And I'll understand those times
That you don't want to be bothered
I love you my father so Just know I'm here
When you need somebody to talk to
I'll come running
Say you got it like that and I