Перевод песни Violent Femmes – I Saw You In The Crowd

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I saw you in the crowd
I saw you singing out loud
The people were swaying
The band was playing
Something real loud
I couldn’t hear one word
Screams were all that I heard
But I saw her face
I saw her eyes
I saw His grace
In the dark’ning skies
I saw you raise your hand
Stretching out to the band
You reach exceeding your grasp
On the beach from the whale
Comes one last gasp
Meet me in my hotel room
Meet me just for fun
And I will not be boring
Some things I been storing
Inside to show someone like you
A few friends just stopped by
I think they wanted to get high
But it wasn’t you
Who they led me to
So I bid them all good-bye
I probably would forget
This episode of regret
So I wrote this song
So when you sing along
I hope my message you will get
Meet me in my hotel room
Oh, meet me just for fun
And you will not be boring
Something you been storing
Inside to show someone like me