Перевод песни Agnetha Fältskog – We Got a Way

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How many times
Looking at your picture
I’ve liked the way that you talk to me But even in my dreams
I’ve had to let you go I know, I know
You’re gonna say
It’s slippin’through our fingers
And all I want
Is darlin’to be wanting you
Get away
Don’t give me the fever or the touch
'Cause it hurts too much
We got a way
With pulling in closer
And treating love so recklessly
We got a way
With pushing our luck
Oh, I’ve got a way with you
And you’ve got a way with me We got a way
With taking it higher
And hanging on so helplessly
We got a way
With pushing our luck
I’ve got a way with you
And you’ve got a way with me How many times
Thinking of the feelings
I like it better when you’re close to me And in my heart
I’ll never let you go I know, I know
And when I look
Look into your eyes I see
The way you’re holding
And you’re tempting me now
I feel your kiss
I’ve got to get away
But tell me this
Tell me will you miss me We’ve got a way
With taking our chances
And hiding things that lovers do But when you leave me Darlin’I just can’t hold on to you
If only for second chances
If only for words we have to say
If only to find real love
I have to get away