Перевод песни David Ruffin – The Double Cross

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Let me tell you all about it
Sometimes, I think about it
And my poor heart wants to die about it ohh
About this sweet sweet love i lost
And the way i got double crossed
By a guy who was my friend
I see him now and then, but
I pretend im doing fine, but im about to lose my mind
You know i told my father all about it
And he just jumped up and walked all around and laughed all Around all about it
He said «the love I think I lost»
And the way i got double double crossed
By a guy who was my friend, if I ever see him again
Tell him he can’t really win
Cause she’ll be back to see me again!
Ohhhh love, ohhhhh
Not now my father, made no vest
But I forgot, I forgot to tell him all the rest
I received an invitation about a month ago, to a wedding I decided not to go
Cause couldn’t stand the pain, I would have been so ashamed
To see the girl I love, walk away to take another name
That’s why I sit down, sit down and ask my brother all about it
Yes I did
Ohh I sit down and I talk to my father all about it
About the love I think I lost, and the way I got double double Double,
double crossed
By a guy who was my friend
If I ever see him again
Know that she’ll be back again
Not the double cross
Ohh baby
About the double cross
Ohhhh, baby not the double cross
I don’t wanna lose a good thing
That’s right sit down, 24 hours