Перевод песни Barren Cross – In The Eye Of The Fire

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You are the beauty of life; carry that thought in your mind
Don't ever think you 're losing the game
Let all your feelings come out
Scream them out loud you can shout
Don't hold it in, call on his name
Beware of the lie that it's happy to die, no, no Wait out your strife but don't take your life
In the eye of the fire
In the eye of the fire
Do you feel weak inside?
Sometimes you wish you could die
Feels like no hope is ever to be You have been hurting too long
Why not let god make you strong
He'll lead you to joy, find him and see
Dying isn't the key
You are the seed of life
Give up your pain and your strive
You 're better than who you think you are — by far
There is no easy way out
Of the problems you're facing, no doubt
But one thing I know
You don't have to go Over the edge
There 's a lot you don't know
Jesus knows
Don't make his dream, the satanic scheme, no Wait out your strife but don't take your life