Перевод песни David Ruffin – I'm Just A Mortal Man

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You know what I thought
Just how helpless I really am (Thinking about it)
Oh lord, my hair is turning grey
I get a new wrinkle every day
Guess I’m just a mortal man
Let me tell you all about it
I cannot make myself live forever
(Can't live forever)
Oh, God knows I tried
I can’t even make one little flower grow
It takes water to do that, look
Cull back the years, God knows I tried
But the hands on the clock keep ticking on by
One day young, oh Lord, and the next day you’re old
Now listen to this
Oh I thought I was such a super lover (Super lover)
Did the best I could
And from my side darling I thought you would never, never go away (Never,
never go away)
That’s my sole distrait
And this ego of mine have been betrayed
As I stared at empty walls, I found I’m no super lover at all (No super lover
at all)
Well, you see love built your bad, bad end
Left another scar on this mortal man
But let me get on with my story
Now I don’t know if I’ll ever get to go to heaven
Oh, but listen to me
But you never know, even I, even I may get to go (Never, never, never know)
Oh lord
Seal the wings that I could grow
I’ll leave this human skin all far down below
And say goodbye, goodbye world to being a mortal man (Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye)
But listen to me
But in the mean time I’m still down here doing the best I can
Chained, chained, chained, chained to being just a mortal man
Can you hear me singin'?
Oh lord, guess I’m just a mortal man