Перевод песни The Replacements – Favorite Thing

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Yeah, kid, it's a-really hip
With plenty of flash and you know it Yeah, dad, you're rocking real bad
Don't break your neck when you fall down laughing
Donna, wanna, Donna
Yeah, I know I look like hell
I smoke and I drink and I'm feeling swell
Yeah, I hear you think it's weird (everything's clear?)
But I don't give a single shit
Yeah, man, it's a-hip, you know what I'm saying
It's a-hip, you know what I'm saying
And I hear it My heart aches, it's a-looking for a dolly
Looking for a dolly, can't you hear it Wanna be someting, wanna be anything
Yeah, I know I feel this way
But I ain't gonna never change
Yeah, I hear, I think, I know
Rock don't give a shit, you know
You're my favorite thing
You're my favorite thing
Bar nothing
I think, think, once in a while