Перевод песни David Ruffin – I Let Love Slip Away

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I let love slip away
Now all that I can say
Is here’s a toast to a better day
And a love that will come and stay
And keep me happy
Love, oh love, wherever you are
I call on you near or far
Hurry love, soon as you can
Oh honey, in the shape I’m in
And make me happy
Love, oh love, oh love, oh love, oh love
Be as sweet and as kind as a dove
Please, fly down, fly down, from up above
Take my hand, honey now
I want your love
And I hold you tight
With all of my might
Now I sit back to wait (oh)
I pray that you don’t make me too late
Hurry love, hurry love, as soon as you can, honey
And help me in the shape I’m in, and make me happy
Hurry love, hurry love, and mend the shape I’m in
Hurry love and make me happy
Hurry love and keep me happy, dear (oh)