Перевод песни Wasted Youth – We Were on Heroin

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I need it, I must have it Kill and steal and fight to get it, I need it, must have it Holes in my arms mean nothing, I need it, must have it
I’ll lose everything I own to buy it, just to have it I don’t care if I die
Gotta have it to survive
My arm’s decaying day by day
My veins are collapsing doctors say
I need it, must have it Shoot it up in my arm, I need it, must have it I won’t sleep day or night, until I get it, until I shoot it
I’ll take the money from my mom, just to buy it, just to have it Who cares about this world
Everything seems so blurred
I don’t care if I die
Well I don’t care if I die
I need it must have it (x3)
I need it, heroin