Перевод песни 7seconds – Save Ourselves

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I'd like to think when I am old
At the very end and looking back,
That I was there, a child of love
A child of peace, against all war
And now I face, so many pains,
but one that sticks
In heart, inside,
A pain that comes from hatred,
from, to and for
Our human kind
Stand with the others, don't be afraid
To learn from each other, the life we make
Spread to the masses, be black or white
Be young or old
Be woman, man or animal
This story is so cold
When men are monsters, killing, dying
I will work myself for peace
When times are shaded grey
I still will find a way
Together we can build it up
A warmer, richer earth
It's time to reach out any way
And put back color where it's dark
The save ourselves!