Перевод песни The Flaming Lips – Just Like Before

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My long hair it blows, in the industrial breeze
My fingernails grow, down to my knees
The light that's beside me, is just laves of beans
All that I know, is not what it seems
Because I've tried moving out
But I'm tied to this floor
It's just like before
It's the red of the world, that you see with your eyes
You say that you're happy, when you're wanting to die
Oh well, it's just like before
Oh well, it runs in your veins
Just like before
It keeps it the same
Well, the sun's in the sky, it swings and it sways
But it don't shine on Tuesdays, and it's cloudy all day
It's just like before
Oh, when it runs in your veins
It's just like before
Nothing will change