Перевод песни Toxik – Voices

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These voices in my head they say
Just what they want to say
They taunt me in my sleep
They want me to kill their way
Violent spirit inside of me Many voices yell
From where, I can't tell
They seem to come from inside of me
I try to shut them out
But then they really shout
They're ripping something from me Evil thoughts possess my brain
Out, get them out, out
Get them out
Voices, Voices
Voices, Voices
Voices, Voices
Got to get them out
These voices run my life
They make me walk out through the night
Vicious bidding I must do Insane, I snuff the child's lights
Mind of death runs me now
Fight, claw, grasp (You won't know)
It's time to die (Till its to late)
God's first law (Wild eyed fiend)
But I defy (Seals your fate)
Voices tell me (Feel my hand)
How to kill (Around about)
I'm their tool (God please help)
I do their will (Get them out)
In my mind I'm still here
Unwilling monster disappear
I can't go on with this charade
From my wrists, blood cascades
Free from them, they're finally out
Out, get them out
Get them out...