Перевод песни Malevolent Creation – Sacrificial Annihilation

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Bone marrow twisted, white sockets shattered
Black flesh blistered, hungry maggots grow fatter
Tendons snap, cartilage corroding
Contorted muscles flap, clotted blood flowing
Circumstances beyond that of your feeble minds
Helpless victims scream in fear, for they know of their finds
Carcasses lie piled, some gaping, some rotted
Yellow pus dripping, putrid and hottened
Bluing flesh quivers, loosened and bloated
Final stage of death, rigor mortis unfolded
Faces of white staring right through you
This hellish sight knows you're its own fool
Your hell
Odor of carrion is thick in the air
Puddles of mucous, flesh starts to tear
Innolation intruding on your body and souls
Immoral adoration, extinction takes its toll
Viewing this onslaught before me Its beauty is soo f**king rare
Take one look and you will see
Devastation wrought with precision and care
From his fist, swift death is dealt
Your head up your ass, much pain is felt
Body all twitching, brain nerves dead
In a flick of his eyes, your maker's met
Sacrificial, sacrificial, sacrificial, annihilation (X3)
Sacrificial annihilation
Panic has stricken, stiff bodies abound
Your need to escape, but the means are not found
Tiny little flesh creatures flee for their lives
From the plasm he returns, now it's time to die
Sacrificial, sacrificial, sacrificial, annihilation (X3)
Sacrificial annihilation
Mutilation, asphyxiation, dying by my grasp
Futile moves made by you to stop me in my tracks
Don't you know now as your limbs grow cold
I am your destruction
Sacrificial annihilation