Перевод песни Malevolent Creation – Injected Sufferage

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Feel the dirty needle penetrate your healthy flesh
Transfusion of your fluids brings on deficient death
Useless is your attempt to avoid the casual lay
There goes your skin out from under your teeth
Welcome to the world of Aids
Injected sufferage
Lay around, wait to die, can’t take the pain, want to die
Euthanasia, your final plea, don’t want to live, don’t want to be
A victim of this damned life
No fucking will to fight
Just got to get out of
Your violent plight
Injected sufferage, injected, sufferage
Hooked up to life’s machines, looks of despair as the doctor gleams
Cannot move, immobilized, see the life slip from their eyes
Skin so white, pale and loose, try to fight, it’s of little use
To face death and it won’t be fast
To an agonizing end your body’s cast
Injected through the anal, arm, or blood
Unprotected cells deteriorate, life is done
Agonizing the way you lead the rest of your wretched life
Sufferage bound in your own insane hell
Don’t want to die, should have stayed clean
Now you’re going to suffer until the end of your being