Перевод песни DevilDriver – The Axe Shall Fall

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
This abomination won't see the end of days
Sit — Throne of Lies torn by The Voice On High...
Death was only a dream
Not devastating disaster
The rites of passage — The past we can't alter
Fuck you & the horse that you rode in on Just sit there & be silent as the grave
You've come out this time
Smelling just like roses
I sit there, watch, while I drink my wine...
The weight of your sins & the evil beneath us Will surely drag you down...
The axe shall fall on the one-winged Angel
Breaking the spell, would you break this fall?
For he who sins against his kind
The axe shall fall
...(Alright) ...Alright!
With a hollow heart and hollow eyes
A cry from The Cross — Serpents in disguise
Hearts of distrust, is what we despise
I sit there, watch, and drink my wine...
...The axe shall fall
...On the one-winged angel tonight