Перевод песни Opeth – Hessian Peel

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Will their children cry
When their mother dies
And in the autumn of their lives
Will they feel the same?
The longing for me
Comin"down like hail
Why did you leave me?
Come here inside
And tell me how
How in my final days
You found around
Your concern
The signal for us to end our lives
To wipe beneath the watches
And you wait forever
The night comes high
Your weakness
Storing trace on your eyes
So I left you alone
We all left you alone
Lock the children away from harm
They"ll lock all your reason why
Seeking (?) with a dagger
Skin is blocked by the years of trial
You felt abandoned in the fog of flesh
Sitting in place from the dead
Awaiting the face of the moon to ascend
You follow the siren in your head
In your head