Перевод песни Suffocation – Breeding the Spawn

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Eulogy inscribed in the scrolls of humanity
Ancient scriptures of predicted demise
A world encased in the womb of it’s ignorance
Extinction will be swift, relentless butchery
The structure collapses, spewing forth mutation
Plague bathes the earth from infected skies
Chaotic saturation into the pores of existence
Breeding the spawn
Effigy awake in it’s mummified region
Silent tombs concealed from the light
Grueling afterlife christened by their deaths
Malignant offspring of decrepit birth
Impurity of souls
Visions of the agony tightly close the weeping sky
Spirits of what will be invert the earth unfertile
Anxiously await reprisal for the deprived life
Horrifying rituals of unorthodox intelligence
Premature suffering from within their charred domain
Altering the promises of peaceful rest and afterlife
Hideous denial of a once forgotten life
Ascending messiah
Conqueror of the apocalypse
Divine majesty
Giver of supreme entity
Churches rise from disturbed grounds
Symphony of depression purifies
All will be altered
The dead choir will sing
Hymns of blasphemous irreverence